Technical Program

*** Download the detailed conference program here (17/03/2020)  ***

The SEISMIX Symposium is unique in the way that it brings together geoscientists from around the world in a quest to investigate the interior of the Earth using the latest technologies. It unites active and passive source-imaging communities and those who study the Earth, from the near surface to exploration scale, and up to the continental scale.

As usual, there was a single session for oral presentations (no parallel sessions) and ample time allocated for poster presentations. There were also a number of keynote presenters.

The conference included topics such as:

  • Innovative seismic acquisition and processing techniques
  • Active and passive seismic interferometry
  • Active and passive seismic: together or not?
  • Active continental margins and subduction zones
  • Mid-ocean ridges and oceanic lithosphere
  • Global processes—collisions and accretion
  • Comprehensive geological interpretation
  • Near-surface seismology—case histories
  • New developments and advances in DAS applications
  • Novel seismic imaging and inversion methods
  • Moho in 3D
  • Special topic: ET resource potential
  • Unusual case histories—lessons learnt