Day 1 – Monday 16th March 2020


09:10–09:35 Keynote address – Karol Czarnota, Geoscience Australia (WebEx), Integrated imaging of the lithosphere for resource exploration, K. Czarnota, M. Hoggard, F. Richards, D. L. Huston, A. L. Jaques, S. Ghelichkhan, A. Gorbatov, B. Hejrani, M. Haynes, R. Costelloe, T. Fomin, M. Doublier, A. Clarke, A. Schofield.

09:35–09:55 Crustal structure along the fossil margin of Baltica: what we learned from the PolandSPAN project?, M.Malinowski1, S. Mazur2, M. Mezyk1, 1Institute of Geophysics PAS, Warsaw, 2Institute of Geological Sciences PAS.

09:55–10:15 Marine Seismic Reflection Data Provide Insight Into The Architecture Of A Mesozoic Accretionary Prism, Otago Schist, New Zealand (WebEx), R. L. Kellett1, T. Sahoo1, S. Ellis1, A. P. Martin1, A. J. Tulloch1, N. Mortimer1, A. R. Gorman2, 1GNS Science, 2University of Otago.

10:45–11:05 Collisional Orogeny In The Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC): Seismic Imaging Of A “Fossilized” Orogen, C. Juhlin1, H. Lorenz1, P. Hedin2, B. Almqvist1, 1Uppsala University, 2Geological Survey of Sweden.

11:05–11:25 High Seismic P-Wave-Speeds, Radial Anisotropy And Fossilised Superplumes, T. Stern1, S. Lamb1, J. Moore1,2, D. Okaya3, K. Hochmuth4, 1Victoria University of Wellington, 2Earth Observatory, 3University of Southern California.


13:00–13:25 Keynote address – Jai Kinkela, HiSeis, Hard rock seismic from crustal to deposit scale: case studies from Australia, J. Kinkela1, J. Neild1, R. Smith2, B. Smith3, 1HiSeis, 2Roric Advisory, 3Bryan Smith Geosciences.

13:25–13:45 High-Resolution Geophysical Imaging Of The Permafrost – The Result Of Two High Arctic Expeditions To Spitsbergen (presented by M. Malinowski), M. Majdanski, A. Marciniak, B. Owoc, Institute of Geophysics PAS, Warsaw.

13:45–14:05 Advanced 2D And 3D Seismic Imaging Techniques For The Characterization And Deep-Targeting Of Mineral Deposits – A Case Study From Blötberget (Sweden), L. Bräunig1, S. Buske1, F. Hlousek1, H. Simon1, M. Markovic2, A. Malehmir2, E. Bäckström3, P. Marsden3, L. Sito41TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2Uppsala University, 3Nordic Iron Ore AB, 4Geopartner Ltd.

14:05–14:25 Reflection Seismic Imaging In The Zinkgruvan Minining Area, Central Sweden, A. Gil1, A. Malehmir1, S. Buske2, J. Alcalde3, L. Lindskog4, B. Spicer5, R. Carbonell3, D. Orlowsky6, M. Penney5, A. Hagerud41Uppsala University, 2Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 3Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, 4Zinkgruvan Mining AB, 5Lundin Mining Corporation, 6DMT GmbH & Co.

14:25–14:45 Imaging Crustal Structures In The West Bohemia Seismic Zone, Czech Republic And Germany, C. Alexandrakis1, L. Bräunig1, F. Hlousek1, P. Hrubcová2, J. Horálek2, S. Buske1, 1TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

14:45–15:05 Shear Wave Sounding In Archaeological Prospecting (WebEx), W. Rabbel, D. Köhn, R. Mecking, K. Rusch, D. Wilken, Kiel University.


15:30–15:55 Keynote address – Bojan Brodic, Uppsala University, Utilizing exploration tunnels for in-mine seismic imaging via novel GPS-time transmitter system and a broadband e-vibe, B. Brodic1, A. Malehmir1, N. Pecheco2, L. Dynesius1, J. van den Berg3, R. de Kunder4, J. Carvahlo5, G. Donoso1, T. Sjölund6, V. Araujo21Uppsala University, 2Somincor Lundin Mining Corporation, 3Delft University of Technology, 4Seismic Mechatronics, 5Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia.

15:55–16:15 Uncertainty Driven Geophysical Imaging Of Near Surface – Application And Challenges (presented by M. Malinowski), A. Marciniak1, B. Owoc1, S. Kowalczyk2, M. Majdanski11Institute of Geophysics Warsaw, 2University of Warsaw.

16:15–16:35 Towards An Open Access Data Policy For Deep Seismic Sounding Data (Webex), I. DeFelipe¹, J. Alcalde¹, R. Carbonell¹, M. Ivandic², R. Roberts², 1Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, 2Uppsala University.

16:35–16:55 Post-Critical, Pre-Critical, And Critical Seismic Reflections Using Virtual Sources, Part I: Overview, W. Chen, China University of Geosciences.

16:55–17:15 Imaging The Crustal Structure Of The Spanish Central System (Webex), J. Andrés1,3, P. Ayarza2, M. Schimmel1, D. Draganov3, I. Palomeras2, J. Alcalde1, M. Ruiz1, R. Carbonell1, 1Institut of Earth Science Jaume Almera, 2University of Salamanca, 3Delft University of Technology.

Day 2 – Tuesday 17th March 2020


08:30–08:50 Integrated 3D Mineral Exploration In The Flin Flon Belt, Canada (WebEx), D. J. White, G. Bellefleur, E. Schetselaar, Geological Survey of Canada


08:50–09:10 Seismic Imaging The Slow-Slip Inter-Plate Boundary In The Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone (WebEx), A. J. Calvert1, G. Savard2, M. G. Bostock2, M. J. Unsworth31Simon Fraser University, 2University of British Columbia, 3University of Alberta.

09:10–09:30 The Structural Architecture Of The Whataroa Valley And The Alpine Fault (New Zealand) From First-Arrival Seismic Tomography And Imaging Using An Extended 3D VSP Survey, V. Lay1, S. Buske1, S. Bodenburg1, J. Townend2, R. Kellett3, M. Savage2, D. R. Schmitt4, A. Constantinou5, J. Eccles6, D. Lawton7, M. Bertram7, K. Hall7, A. Gorman8, R. Kofman9 , 1TU Bergakademie Freiberg,  2Victoria University Wellington, 3GNS Science, 4University West Lafayette, 5Schlumberger Riboud Product Centre, 6University of Auckland, 7University of Calgary, 8 University of Otago, 9 University of Alberta.

09:30–09:50 New Insights On Managing Hydrocarbon Prospectivity In The Subduction Zones And Their Linked Continental Basin Margin Areas, Shastri. L. Nimmagadda1, Anatoly Aseev2, Andrew Ochan3, and Torsten Reiners1, 1Curtin University, 2Stanford University, 3National Petroleum Company.

09:50–10:10 Orogenic Structure From Comparison Of Deep Reflection Profiles With Subsequent Receiver Function Observations (Webex), Larry D. Brown, Cornell University.

10:45–11:05 Active Seismic Surveys To Site The Drilling The Ivrea Zone (DIVE) Drill-Holes, Val Sesia And Val d’Ossola, Italy, A. Greenwood1,2, L. Baron1, G. Hetényi1, M. Pistone1,3, Y. Liu1, K. Holliger1, L. Ziberna4, A. Zanetti5, O. Müntener1, M. Urosevic6, S. Ziramov6, 1University of Lausanne, 2Montanuniversität Leoben, 3University of Georgia, 4Università degli studi di Trieste, 5IGG-CNR & Università degli studi di Pavia, 6Curtin University.

11:05–11:25 The Mid Crustal Reflector Detected By VSP Method And Seismicity In Iwaki Area, Northeastern Japan, T. Iidaka1, Y. Usuda1, E. Kurashimo1, S. Sakai1, T. Igarashi1, K. Obara1, A. Kato1, T. Takeda2, S. Nakagawa1, 1University of Tokyo, 2National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience.

11:25–11:45 Depth Varying Deformation Within The Nazca Slab From Seismic Anisotropy, S. Agrawal1, C. M. Eakin1, D. E. Portner2,3, E. E. Rodriguez2, S. L. Beck2, 1The Australian National University. 2University of Arizona, 3Carnegie Institution of Washington.


13:10 – 13:35 Keynote address – Erdinc Saygin, CSIRO (WebEx), Imaging Earth Across Scales With Correlation Wavefield, E. Saygin, CSIRO

13:35–13:55 Towards Retrieval Of Reflections Using Ambient-Noise Recorded During Drilling Operations Iron Ore Formation Imaging In Pilbara, Western Australia, M.Chamarczuk1, M. Malinowski1, M. Asgharzadeh2, M. Urosevic2, A. Grant3, 1Institute of Geophysics, 2Curtin University 3BHP.

13:55–14:15 Joint Inversion Of Scattered Teleseismic Body Waveforms For Constraining The Receiver-Side Crustal Structure (Webex), M. T. Qashqai, E. Saygin, CSIRO.

14:15–14:35 Integrating Active And Passive Seismic Methods To Constrain Crustal Architecture (WebEx), A. Gorbatov, M. Doublier, K. Czarnota, B. Hejrani, A. Medlin, T. Fomin, R. Costelloe, Geoscience Australia.


14:35–15:00 Keynote address – Raymond Durrheim, University of the Witwatersrand, Seismic Imaging Of A Recent M5.5 Earthquake Rupture Beneath Moab Khotsong Gold Mine, South Africa, R. J. Durrheim, University of the Witwatersrand.


15:30–15:50 Seismic Inversion By Newtonian Machine Learning (WebEx), Y. Chen1, E. Saygin1, G. Schuster2, 1CSIRO, 2King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

15:50–16:10 Combining Arrival Classification And Velocity Model Inference (WebEx), C. Martinez, J. Gunning, J. Hause, CSIRO.

16:10–16:30 Seismic Interferometry For Near Surface Imaging, M. Asgharzadeh, P. Ahmadi, M. Urosevic, Curtin University.

16:30–16:50 FWI Schemes On High-Resolution 3D Seismic Data, Using Born And Rytov Wave-Equation Tomography, S. Ziramov, S. Glubokovskikh, M. Urosevic, Curtin University.

16:50–17:10 The Mid-Crustal Seismic Discontinuity In The Iberian Massif (Webex), P. Ayarza1, A. Martínez2, J. Alcalde2, D. Martí2, J. Andrés1,2, I. Palomeras1, R. Carbonell2, J. R Martínez Catalán1, 1Salamanca University, 2Institute of Earth Science Jaume Almera.

17:10–17:30 Seismic Attenuation In Porous Rocks: Mechanisms And Models, B. Gurevich, S. Glubokovskikh, A. Pirogova, R. Pevzner, Curtin University.

Day 3 – Wednesday 18th March 2020


09:10–09:30 Integrated Seismic Imaging Of Crystalline Crust In Canada’s Superior Archean Province: Progress With The Metal Earth Project (WebEx), M. Naghizadeh1, 1Laurentian University.


09:30–09:50 Surface Seismic For Mineral Exploration Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing, A. Bona, S. Ziramov, R. Pevzner, K. Tertyshnikov, M. Urosevic, Curtin University.

09:50–10:10 P-Wave Anisotropy Estimation From 3D VSP Data Acquired With Geophones And DAS At Otway Site, S. Popik1,2, R. Pevzner1,2, A. Bona1,2, 1Curtin University, 2CO2CRC.


10:10–10:30 Seismic Images Of The Upper Crust In Northern Finland, S. Buske1, S. Heinonen2, F. Hlousek1, T. Jusri1, E. Kozlovskaya3, 1TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2Geological Survey of Finland, 3University of Oulu.

11:00–11:20 Shallow Active-Source Seismic Tomographic Modeling In 2-D And 3-D Of Old Faithful Geyser In The Upper Geyser Basin Of Yellowstone National Park, J. R. Caylor1, M. Karplus1, J. Farrell2, J. Chaput1, S. Veitch1, G. Kaip1, R. Smith2, 1The University of Texas at El Paso, 2University of Utah.

11:20–11:40 Seismic Depth Imaging Workflow For Imaging The Vicinity Of The COSC-1 Borehole, Central Sweden, H. Simon1, S. Buske1, P. Hedin2, C. Juhlin3, F. Krauß4, R. Giese4, 1TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2Geological Survey of Sweden, 3Uppsala University, 4GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences.

11:40–12:00 Can We Use Sparse 3D Seismics In Mineral Exploration? Takeaways From COGITO-MIN Project, B. Singh1, M. Malinowski1, F. Hloušek2, E. Koivisto3, S. Heinonen4, O. Hellwig2, S. Buske2, M. Chamarczuk1, S. Juurela5, 1Polish Academy of Sciences, 2TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 3University of Helsinki, 4Geological Survey of Finland, 5Boliden FinnEx.

13:20–13:40 Full wave seismic modeling for Deep Seismic Profiling, A. Kostyukevych, V. Merschij, V. Tulchinsky, Tesseral Technologies Inc. (No abstract provided)


13:40–14:00 Geophysical Characterisation Of Crustal Scale Mineral Systems: A Passive Seismic Experiment Across World-Class Orogenic Gold Deposits, Kalgoorlie Area, Western Australia, R. Tian1,2, M. Dentith2, R. Murdie3, H. Yuan2,3,4, K. Gessner3, 1Chengdu University of Technology, 2University of Western Australia, 3Geological Survey of Western Australia 4Macquarie University.

14:00–14:20 Imaging The Cratonistion Of Western Australia Using Passive Seismic Methods, R. Murdie1, H. Yuan1,2,3, S. Johnson1, K. Gessner1, M. Dentith2, X. Xu4, 1Geological Survey of Western Australia, 2University of Western Australia, 3Macquarie University, 4Chinese Academy of Sciences.

14:20–14:40 AusLAMP – Imaging The Australian Lithosphere For Resource Potential (WebEx), J. Duan, D. Kyi, W. Jiang, A. Kirkby, Geoscience Australia.

14:40–15:00 A Unique Wide-Angle Reflection/Refraction Survey Across The Central Fennoscandian Shield, Sweden, S. Buntin1, A. Malehmir1, M. Malinowski2, H. Thybo3, D. Wójcik2, T. Janik2, I. Artemieva4, K. Högdahl1, and S. Buske5, 1Uppsala University, 2Polish Academy of Sciences, 3Istanbul Technical University, 4Stanford University, 5Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg.

15:30–15:50 Continent-Ocean Transition Or Boundary? Crowd-Sourced Seismic Interpretations Of The East-India Margin (WebEx), J. Alcalde1, C. E. Bond2, R. Carbonell3, R. W.H. Butler2, 1Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, 2University of Aberdeen, 3ION Geophysical Corporation.

15:50–16:10 Subcrustal Reflectivity Beneath Central And South-West Iberia (WebEx), I. Palomeras1, P. Ayarza1, J. Díaz2, J. Andrés2, A. Alvarez-Valero1, J. Gomez-Barreiro1, R. Carbonell2, 1University of Salamanca, 2Institute of Earth Science Jaume Almera.

16:10–16:30 Revised Seismic Stratigraphy For The Mentelle Basin Based On The Results Of IODP Expedition 369 (WebEx), O. J. Oye, R. W. Hobbs, Durham University.

16:30 – 16:50 Multitechnique Regional Seismic Imaging – A Case Study From The Tokai Area, Japan (presented by M. Malinowski), A. Gorszczyk1,2, S. Operto3, S. Sambolian3, 1University Grenoble Alpes, 2 Polish Academy of Sciences, 3University Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

Day 4 – Thursday 19th March 2020


17:00–17:25 Keynote address – Eleanor Sansom, Curtin University (WebEx), Insight At Mars – Seismicity And Meteorite Strikes, E. K. Sansom, Curtin University.


17:25–17:45 Seismic full waveform inversion of wide-aperture Moho reflection (PmP) using a trans-dimensional Bayesian method (WebEx), P. Guo1, S. Singh2, V. Vaddineni2, G. Visser1, E. Saygin1, 1CSIRO, 2Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France.


Spectral Decomposition For Seismic Imaging, Sunjay Sunjay.

Vintage crustal-scale seismic profiling data made available for future applications: DEKORP 1984 – 1999, Lauretta Kaerger.

Imaging the roots of geothermal systems using seismic attenuation, ambient noise and body-wave inversion, and conductivity, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, Stephen Bannister.

Ocean Bottom Seismic Survey in the Knipovich Ridge area, Wojciech Czuba.

TTZ-South seismic profile reveals the lithospheric structure along the SW border of the East European Craton in SE Poland and NW Ukraine, Tomasz Janik.

Assessing the coherence of fiber-optic strain data, Manfred Stiller.

Coherent diffraction imaging of faults and fractures, Manfred Stiller.

Multi-disciplinary data contribution to EPOS e-infrastructure, Ramon Carbonell.

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The Transition From An Intraoceanic Submarine Acretionary Prism To The Onland Fold-And-Thrust Belt In The Taiwan Arc-Continent Collision, Juan Alcalde.

Signal-theoretical study of wireline DAS-VSP coupling noise, Evgeniia Martuganova.

Mitigating the nonlinearity of crustal-scale full waveform inversion through the graph space optimal transport misfit function, Andrzej Górszczyk.

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Towards an integrated depth imaging workflow for hardrock seismic data employing full-waveform inversion: case study from the Kylylahti massive sulfide deposit, Finland, Michal Malinowski.

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