Post-Conference Field Trip


The Field Trip* will cover a very large area of the south west of Western Australia and take place over 7–8 days after the end of the Symposium. It will stretch across nearly 2000 km of WA’s pristine coastlines and interior where we will visit some of Western Australia’s geological wonders and have the opportunity to take in the immense beauty of the Southern Ocean coastal planes.

One of the key topics to be addressed during the field trip revolves around the potential role of seismic methods for exploring and characterising these unique geological settings.

Some of the attractions will include the following:

  • A visit to the Kalgoorlie Super-pit,
  • The Wave Rock,
  • The ancient granites of Esperance (Recherche granite, Migmatite, Esperance granites),
  • The point of detachment of Antarctica in Albany,
  • The Gap and Bridge,
  • Denmark granite terraces surrounding turquoise beaches,
  • The geology of the Margaret River wine region,
  • Land breakups and scarfs created by shallow earthquakes during last two years,
  • Many “on the way” attractions including the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

* Please note that the post-conference field trip fee is NOT INCLUDED in the conference registration fee. The prices for the tour are yet to be determined; however, it will be partially subsidised by the Perth Convention Bureau.